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  • Kimberly Wallace

7 Hottest Kitchen Design Trends

Part 2 of 7 Hottest Kitchen Design Trends focuses on New twists on white-on-white.

People still love a white kitchen (guilty!), but the all-white schemes that have reigned supreme in recent years have some obvious limitations: They’re hard to keep clean and can appear a bit, well, sterile.

To mix up the monochromatic vibe, designers are introducing vibrant lacquers and bold countertops. Or, for a more nuanced fresh take, pair painted gray cabinets with large expanses of white countertops and walls.

“This will evoke the same clean, fresh aesthetic of a white kitchen—without actually using white cabinets,” Watts says, owner of SR Watts Custom Cabinets.

For more Hot Kitchen Trends, follow us for 3 - 7 series.

SR Watts Custom Cabinets

6899 Glover Lane, Stanley, NC 28164

(704) 719-0434

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